Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016, October, Moscow
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The submission deadline is 15 of July 2016.This year we specifically welcome the high quality talks and papers on the trending topics:

  • Mesh App and Service Architecture
  • Internet of Things Platforms. Programming for Robots. Embedded Systems
  • Data Science. Big Data. High-Loaded Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Advanced Machine Learning. Context-Rich Systems
  • Web-scaled IT for Enterprise
  • Ambient User Experience
  • IT in Healthcare and adjacent areas (biotechnologies, neurointerfaces)
  • Knowledge intensive Startups

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Vyacheslav Nesterov

Vyacheslav Nesterov

I am always delighted to participate in SECR. On the one hand, the conference attracts me by really work atmosphere and environment, by a big number of speakers whom are interesting to hear, and on the other hand, by numerous round tables devoted to various problems which seem to be really vital to the major part of participants. I am really pleased with the informal atmosphere which always predominates on the sessions themselves as well as in the lobby talks within the backroom space. All these actions are usually held on a very high professional level. It is also great that in spite of purely engineering scope of the conference many other topics related to the software engineering are also discussed here, such as human resources and training in IT companies, IP protection etc. No doubts, that SECR is considered to be a world-class conference and comprehensively reflects the status of IT industry in Russia as well as development trends in the world.

Vyacheslav Nesterov
General Manager of the Software Development Center
EMC Russia

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito

What most struck me in this conference was excellent quality of some talks. They were not simply technical showcases of features, techniques and products—which would be very useful indeed—but fully inspirational talks and faithful reports from the trenches of everyday work. These days it’s so easy to find tons of posts, tutorials and articles to explain the hows; it’s much harder to get inspired instead. This is today the primary goal of a technical software conference.

Dino Esposito
Technical evangelist

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Software Engineering Conference of Russia 2016 Calls For Speakers

The 12th CEE-SECR will take place on October 28-30, 2016


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